Smart Museum Guide

The perfect solution for painting museums and picture galleries. Have your Mobile Guide a mobile app? Is it a website accessible with QR code?

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Smart Museum Guide App
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Mobile Guide Features

Image Recognition Technology

It uses machine vision technologies with artificial intelligence and trained algorithms to recognize images through a camera system.

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QR Code Technology

QR codes in museums can be matched with artifacts. It is an easy way for visitors to get information about the artifacts inside the museum.

Smart Museum App
Smart Museum Guide Technolohy

iBeacon Technology

Beacons offer museums the opportunity to give visitors more context than ever before. An app with beacons can detect exactly where a guest is in the museum and provide relevant information. Instead of searching for an audio tour for the right episode, the visitor can instantly watch a video highlighting the artist's life on his mobile phone and learn more about a particular picture.

Museum Guide System
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Smart Audio Guide / Multilingual

Smart audio guide system that offers different language options, your guests, including crowded groups, will learn about the artifacts while silently wandering around the area at their own pace.

How it Works

The perfect solution for painting museums and picture galleries.


Step 1

Enter the Smart Museum Guide for information about your work in the language that you set by CMS. Upload photos of the works.


Step 2

Guide your visitors to use the application with QR code signs.